We understand that you might want to completely customize your label/pad printing. For example, our Aqua Bamboo make up setting spray is a very popular product that everyone buys. But what if you want to call it the product something else as an example "Magic Makeup Setting Spray". You are able to do this but there will be a label design cost of $80. This puts you in touch with our graphic designer and he will design a new label for you, even if the change is only to change the name of the product. You also have the option in designing your own label and emailing it to us, we will not charge you for taking your design and putting it on your product. Please ensure that all deigns are sent to us in vector format PDF file only. 

Please note, if you do send us your design and our graphic designer has to manipulate the label there will be a $80 design charge. All labels emailed to us must be ready to be used. One of our team members will inform you if the file is ready for print or not. You will not be changed for any design work with out have the associated cost to you because work is completed.