Nature's Own Cosmetics only prints logo's on boxes, you need to purchase a min 200 products of the same line for example you can purchase 200 liquid lipstick of all different colors as long as its 200 pcs. You can also order 200 lip condition that is composed of 100 vanilla and 100 mango or 50 mango, 50 chocolate, 50 vanilla and 50 pina colada as long as the accumulate to 200 pcs. 

Most common questions for us to print..

1. we do not print barcodes

2. we do not print customers address

If you wish to print anything more than your logo, we can do that but you need to order custom boxes, we will provide you the die line for the box or our graphic designer can design the box for you. Once approved we will send out to print the boxes, min order 1000 boxes. Speak with your account manager for more details.

thank you