Using your packaging is possible, we recommend the following

1. send us 10 pcs of your packaging for us to test your packaging for comparability. We would test with the product inside the packaging, UV light, Packaging in an 40 degree over, Product filled. Testing packaging cost is $300. We are unable to guarantee the packaging you are provided as the samples you send us could be different than when you have it produced. 

Please ensure to qualify your vendor, at least your vendor should be ISO 9001, minimum 5 years in business, ensure the company is not a trading company. If you are buying from Alibaba ensure that the vendor is a gold member for a minimum time of 5 years. 

When sending us the packaging there are minimum orders ..

lipstick - 1000

liquid lipstick - 500

foundation - 500

concealer stick - 1000

eye shadow - 500

blush - 500

Makeup Setting Spray - 500

Let you account manager know what you are interested in and they can advise MOQ.  Pricing for filling in your own packaging is on the price list. No volume discount on using your own packaging unless you order 10k. So if you order a foundation with your own packaging it will cost your $11.20 per unit 

Our filling machines uses molds that the packaging is placed in, If we have the mold already there would be no additional cost. If you have a unique container or a container that we do not have a mold for you will have to purchase 3 molds at a cost of $150 per mold.