Our chemist fee to develop a new product is $400, our chemist will work with your requirements/vision of a new product and develop it for you. Your $400 fee provides  you with 3 samples of your product, if you decide to make a new liquid lipstick would get your requirements and start the developing process. We would supply you with the first sample and if you had any changes we would make the changes then supply the 2nd sample.. With your feedback (if any) if there was more changes then we would work with you for the final change. If after your 3rd sample you are still not happy with the product and require more changes there would be an additional $400 chemist fee to get 3 more sample.. Please note our success rate with the first sample is 95% so we are confident that you wont need more than 1 sample.

The $400 chemist fee is only for 1 product and one color, if you started to develop one product and in the middle decide that you want to change the formulation/product complete this would be another chemist fee. The first sample is supplied and you can enhance the product, so the change is only a slight change to make the product better not to change the product completely.