Adding items to your order isnt a problem, if you purchased products without logo then the addition is very simple.. But if you purchased items with your logo you have 48 hours to add products to your order without additional costs. Please note that when you place your order the order is sent to production immediately within 48 hours all your products  have been collected and sent for pad printing.  The pad printing machine has already been loaded printed and cleaned. That being said, if you add more items after 48 hours there will be another $25 setup charge. This is to cover the setup of the pad printing machine again. 

We ask that you are very careful when placing your orders and ensure that you order all items you need. This policy goes with removing items from your order. You have 48 hours to remove items, if the 48 hours have passed please know that your products have already been printed. We are unable to remove the printing off the product and this product will be sent to you.